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Frequently Asked Questions

No – we have a team of experienced and educated school horses suitable for a wide variety of skill levels. If you do have your own horse and would prefer to train on it, this is also possible.

You can come to Equine Pathways Australia as often as you wish. Our weekend clinics are scheduled for the second weekend of every month (except January). Our team will put training plans in place in conjunction with your “off-horse” team to ensure that all training here fits within your complete training and rehabilitation framework.

Participants currently pay $150.00 per day or $250.00 per weekend, an amount significantly below the cost of the clinics. We have an NDIS specialist as part of our team who works with participants and their families to maximise what funding and other services they are able to legitimately access through the NDIS and other support networks. We have found that many families and individuals haven’t understood or accessed their full entitlements. Specialists such as this in programs helping people with a disability are so important.

We have a secure donation facility on this website {link to donation page}. All donations over $2.00 are tax deductible and we will forward a tax receipt to your e-mail. If you would rather not use this direct donation facility, or would like to support us in another way, please send us an email and we will get in touch.

The short answer to this is “Yes” however there are of course many other considerations when considering a High Performance pathway. Athletes with a disability are classified according to a stringent assessment system and allocated a grade. The grade determines the level of difficulty of the test athletes need to perform in competition. Once this classification has been allocated, it is then possible to assess each individual’s potential for future Paralympic pathways and then provide support to assist athletes in planning and implementing their journey to success.

Equine Pathways Australia specialises in working with athletes with physical impairments and seeks to deliver a more expansive approach to providing services to athletes with a disability right across the equine industry by offering participants a wider variety of outcomes across all equine pursuits. Our programs are specifically designed around each participant’s individual abilities, needs and desired outcomes. We work closely with RDA, Paralympics Australia and EA for the benefit of all disabled athletes.

Our vocational sector is designed to assist individuals to re-enter the equine industry workforce at an appropriate level for their ability if this is at all possible. We work with HR specialists, Occupational Therapists and other experts within the Equine industry to carry out a skills analysis of every individual, and design training programs for each, with the desired outcome of gaining meaningful employment at whatever level they are able.

Of course. With the three sectors we offer, there is a variety of entry levels and outcomes, from purely recreational, to Paralympic sport pathways and training for employment. It is entirely up to each individual how far they choose to go. Our job is to provide the training you will need to participate in the sport at the level you choose to be involved.

Of course – there is always something happening so there will always be something to do!

Our program is best suited for people school aged and older, provided they have the support of their families/guardians and their medical team to be involved. We have no upper age limit. If your child is younger, get in touch with us and we can refer you to other services and experts.