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it is with heartfelt thanks we recognise the following organisations

and to an increasing number of individuals who have donated to us in the past 12 months to help us take our opening steps on this shared journey.

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how our supporter program works


Our desire is to develop a long term, mutually beneficent relationship with our supporters. We want to look after the people and companies who look after us.

From regular updates on EPA, joining us at formal and informal events celebrating our successes, being hands on and coming to see our clinics and meeting our participants, allied health professionals and coaches, we want to be as flexible as possible in being able to meet the desires of what you would like in return for your support.

And, of course, the appropriate recognition on our website, social media channels, and our annual report.

It takes all kinds of support from the Community to be able to run this program. Whether it be financial assistance, volunteer work or some other kind of assistance, we are an organisation built on community values.

If you are looking to be part of our supporter program in any capacity please get in touch or donate directly through the button below.

More detail can be found in our Donation and Fundraising Policy.


Everyone has a different reason for becoming involved with or supporting a charity.

  • a personal connection with what the charity does and represents,
  • a family member or friend benefitting by being part of the charity’s community,
  • a desire to share with and help those less fortunate in life,
  • seeing the positive impact being made to an individual’s quality of life.

Whatever the reason, and whatever your contribution, EPA wants all our supporters to be part of our journey.

A journey that;

  • sees the expansion of EPA active participants in all states and territories in Australia,
  • follows the personal development of our participants,
  • celebrates their successes in local, national or international para competitions,
  • congratulates them when finding vocational opportunities in the broader community,
  • applauds them when they become inspirational role models for future participants.

There will be tears of happiness all along the way.


We are a not for profit organisation that relies on the financial support of others.
Every cent that is donated helps us to continue to provide this amazing resource for those who benefit
from it.

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