The Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has developed the Foundations, Talent, Elite and Mastery framework (FTEME framework) to capture these different pathways.

FTEM provides a practical tool to assist sporting stakeholders and their personnel, coaches, teachers, parents, etc. in reviewing planning and supporting athlete pathways. The framework consists of four macro phases of athlete development (Foundation, Talent, Elite and Mastery), which are further differentiated into 10 micro phases.

F1 Learning and acquisition of basic movement skills

Learning or re-learning a wide range of fundamental skills and participating in a Learn to Ride program.

Skill, age and confidence appropriate tests e.g. RDA.

F2 Extension and refinement of movement

Participating in organised and recreational riding activities through local groups and clubs to develop foundational riding skills and confidence.

Classification at National Level

Participation tests at RDA and EPA closed events.

F3 Commitment to sport and/or active lifestyle

Competing at local club or riding school events and attending regular coaching sessions.

Competing in EA tests at RDA and EPA closed competitions.

RDA/EPA Training Squads.

T1 Demonstration of potential

Demonstrating future potential by meeting state organisation selection criteria and national pre-elite benchmark criteria cognisant of maturational status of the athlete.

Competing in EA tests at club level.

EA State Squads.

T2 Talent verification

Confirmed as having talent following participation in an observational trial period (e.g. Talent Identification camps).

Classification at FEI level.

Competing in EA tests at State level.

National B Squad.

T3 Practicing and achieving

Committed to weekly training and competition within a recognised pre-elite program.

Competing in FEI tests at local and State competitions.

National A Squad.

T4 Breakthrough and reward

Regular success at local and state level competitions and progress to international classes.

Competing in FEI tests at State and National Championships.

National Next Squad.

Active mentoring role to Foundation level participants.

E1 Senior Elite representation

Selected to national senior team for a major benchmark event.

Selection onto team for CPEDI and Nationals.

National Green Squad.

E2 Senior Elite success

Medal winner at the Paralympics or World Championships.

Selection onto Australian team for Paralympics or WEG.

National Gold Squad.

E3 Sustained Elite success

A Paralympic or World Championship medallist over consecutive or multiple high performance cycles.

Multiple Team selection.

National Gold Squad.