The Horse Owner Program is an invitation to become involved as a horse owner in the EPA program. We need owners at all levels from entry level to Paralympic Games to allow our participants to fulfill their dreams. Please read on to see how you can be involved as an owner in this exciting program.

The key objective of this program is to ensure that we engage horse owners in supporting our participants to access suitable horses for all levels of the program.


There are a range of opportunities at all levels for anyone to support the Equine Pathways Australia program through ownership of a horse.

Ownership can be a very rewarding experience providing a real connection to the work EPA is undertaking to relieve the disadvantage suffered by people with disabilities by empowering and inspiring them to live a full life through equine pursuits.

An important aspect of horse ownership in the EPA Program is understanding the supportive, close-knit and harmonised environment we provide. Whether a participant is new to horses or whether they are already one of our Paralympians, everyone shares and supports each other in their success and understands the highs and lows of life within our program.

In this regard, we are looking for owners who are committed to being a part of this wonderful team environment at EPA and who value the commitment of all at EPA to achieve success together at all levels.

The first step to horse ownership in the Equine Pathways program is to contact the EPA Program Executive Manager Julia Battams to understand more about the program and what aspect and the level you are looking to become involved as a potential owner. Our long standing experience recognises that ‘not one-size fits all’, so it is important in any partnership for all involved to understand what each is seeking and in this way, goals and dreams can be realised.