The Equine Industry is the third biggest employer in Australia with an almost infinite number of different roles. It is also one of the most dangerous occupations in the country with injuries being common and varied. Many people, once injured, lose their employment and then find it difficult to re-engage at all with the equine world.

It is our strong belief that assisting people to once again find meaningful employment at whatever level they are capable, not only assists with their rehabilitation and recovery, but also re-engages them with the industry they are passionate about.

Our vocational pathways approach assesses each client individually and thoroughly. This involves:

  • Performing a skills audit to identify current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Working with the individual to identify the likely role and level of engagement that may be achieved in the industry.
  • Working, where appropriate, with the individual’s own medical and rehabilitation teams.
  • Designing and implementing a training program to develop the skills required for the role.
  • Working with the employer to provide advice and the necessary support to ensure a successful employer/employee relationship.

Following this assessment and skill building phase we then work with the client in a vocational placement scenario to give them the on the ground experience they will need to their new role.