Rider Story – Luke

Luke, 37 has been riding for 28 years and considers horse riding as his favourite pastime, not only competing but practicing, caring for his horse, and spending time with friends.

Luke has cerebral palsy which affects his movement, muscle tone, balance, and posture. Initially riding with the support of two side walkers, Luke now confidently rides by himself and uses various techniques he has learnt to control the horse and his body.

With Paralympic dreams, Luke trains under the guidance of the incredible coach Lyndsay Davies and is a regular face at Cherrios Champions RDA and Equine Pathways Australia.

“My coach Lyndsay has taught me so many invaluable lessons and techniques from her knowledge learn from other coaches and people in the Equine Pathways community.”

Equine Pathways Australia “is an intensive experience encompassing all types of learning, from psychology to osteopathy, both of which have been useful and without Equine Pathways I would not have had access to”.

Accompanying Luke is a kind-natured 21-year-old thoroughbred Robbie. From the racetrack to dressage, Robbie by the renowned sire Octagonal, raced in his early days and now enjoys a relaxing life attending weekly lessons and local competitions.

Robbie is an affectionate horse, who loves a hug, “he is patient and very tolerant, always allowing me to learn in my own time”. The bond between Luke and Robbie is truly something special with both Luke and Robbie learning to adapt and accommodate for each other.

Luke is forever grateful for his amazing mother Diane and friends Karen and Sandra for their essential support.

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